Choclate Piza Base Recipe

About Chocolate Pizza Base

A unique and delicious Choco pizza base is made with the highest quality of ingredients including the fine cocoa products.

Choco pizza base is well baked and does not require further baking. Simply heat it on a pan for few seconds and apply topping of your choice to make a yummy, delicious chocolate pizza or apply only chocolate spread to make a tasteful snack.

Can be finished by topping with hot chocolate fudge or any other chocolate spread or dressing.

White chocolate can be added to it to enhance the taste and appearance .Garnish with candies of your choice before serving.

Ideal for school lunch packs, birthday parties and picnics.

Chocolate Pizza

Recipe for choclate pizza base


  • Feast choco pizza base.
  • Chocolate spread.
  • White chocolate (grated or shavings).
  • Assorted candies /chocolate chunks.


  • Heat the base on a pan or in oven for 2-3 minutes.
  • Apply chocolate spread or hot chocolate fudge.
  • Add white chocolate.
  • Add milk chocolate chunks(if desired).
  • Garnish with candies.
  • Heat it in oven or a pan till the chocolate starts melting.
  • Enjoy.

Choclate Pizza Base

Choclate Pizza

Choco Pizza Base

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